The Equalizer 2 Movie Review

The Equalizer 2: The first and last thing about the movie is Denzel Washington


The Equalizer 2: This is what Denzel Washington was waiting for a long time

The Equalizer 2 more the relaunching of a seasoned actor Denzel Washington than a sequel to the 2014 movie The Equalizer. The most important thing critics are looking for is what unites Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington for a sequel.

Was Denzel Washington looking for the first sequel?

The veteran actor with more than four decades of acting experience is happy with his performance as an ex-CIA officer in The Equalizer 2 that is his first sequel in his decades-old acting career. It isn’t that it’s the first opportunity for the actor but that he waited for the right time to deliver a sequel.

Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington displayed their chemistry in a couple of movies including the Oscar-winning Training Day and they expect to repeat the success in The Equalizer 2. The movie stars with Robert McCall, a retired CIA Black Ops operative who’s now a security guard-turned-vigilante.

The Equalizer 2 Story

Robert McCall has retired from the job but he’s still a CIA Black Ops operative for his family, friends and community. And he’s ready to help anyone who’s in need. In the movie, he takes on a dreaded gang of Russian goons when they kill one of a long-time associate.

Robert McCall is a peace loving person but in reality, he’s always ready to go to war. He’s known for unmatched combat skills during his CIA days but he successfully hides his lethal skills under his belt and tries diluting his killing attitude in the many books he reads. But the acts of Russians forced him to come out of his self-imposed solitude and teach the goons a tough lesson he used to give the idiots during his CIA career.

The Equalizer 2 First Look & Poster


The poster has the face of Denzel Washington torn in two equal pieces. It is the numeric two in Roman and the actor is The Equalizer. Since the movie Read more