The Kid Who Would Be King Movie Review

The Kid Who Would Be King: An Arthurian Story Told In Horry Potter Style

The Kid Who Would Be King is a fantasy movie of school going kids becoming warriors and fighting with the dark forces that want to force an unceremonious end of the mankind. The kids know that there is little time left to act and that they have to lead the fight against the enemies of the world.


12 year old Alex Elliott feels lonely in the world because his father has left and his mother is stressed-out of single parenting. But he has big dreams inspired by Arthurian legends of a book that he often reads. One day he stumbles upon a piece of metal on a stone. Alarmed, Alex Elliott carefully pulls the metal out of the stone only to be surprised to find the legendry sword of King Arthur. It is Excalibur and from here Alex Elliott gets a new identity and responsibility.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The background story of a divided Britain paved the way for a savior to come
  • Visual effects of the movie are simply superb
  • A 12-year old child becoming the King Arthur is interesting
  • The story traces solution to the modern day problems in history

The Kid Who Would Be King First Look & Poster 

The Kid Who Would Be King Movie

The colorful poster has the entire gang of the new age warriors ready to take on the dark forces. The saviors of the world are standing atop a vehicle and they are brandishing their weapons at the evil forces seen in the surroundings. In the backdrop, there are colorful clouds covering the city skyline.

Why watch the movie? 

It is a fantasy movie with a heart wrenching story and nerve chilling action scenes. It is a good movie for kids and families.

Movie Trailer


  • The names of friends of Alex Elliott are similar to the names of the Knights of the Round Table
  • First Arthurian movie of Patrick Stewart
  • The school in the movie is Elliott Secondary School in Putney, London
  • The secondary school was attended by former James Bond
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