The Layover Movie Review

The Layover: These Women Are Man-Starved Monsters

The Layover is a sex comedy of two middle aged career minded women and a young and handsome firefighter. The women meet the man of their dreams during a flight and get a chance to flirt with him when their flight is turned elsewhere due to a tornado warning.


Kate (Alexandra Daddario) is a teacher by profession but she’s to resign from her job for allowing a student to read a vulgar graphic novel. Meg (Kate Upton) is an irresponsible saleswoman of a cosmetic brand. She’s also resigned for lying to a client. They both share the same room and ironically they’ve the same fate. They decided to go on a vacation where they meet a handsome guy who’s a firefighter. He’s on the way to attend a marriage but midway a tornado forces the flight to change its path. Both the women get some time to spend with that guy. And they use that time to flirt with that man.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The movie successfully mimics the raunchy sex comedy movies like The Hangover and Bridesmaid
  • Meg keeps repeating that friendship is more important to her while trying to outwit Kate
  • The story has speed that prevents the audiences from feeling bored
  • Words “f–k”, “s–t” and “d–k” add flavor to the dialogues

The Layover First Look & Poster

 the layover movie review

The poster features the leading star – Alexandra Daddario, Kate Upton and Matt Barr as Ryan. The handsome guy is standing between the beautiful women that seem to be flirting with the guy.

Why watch the movie? 

It is a sex comedy involving two young women and a handsome guy.


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