The Little Mermaid Movie Trailer

The Little Mermaid: A thousand-year old story told in twenty-first century

The Little Mermaid is the age-old story of a mermaid found on a sea-shore and captured but this movie has a twist to the story. Inspired by the fairy tale of the 1837 Hans Christian Andersen book, the movie has a mermaid captured by circus.

A young girl discovers a very beautiful woman who the girl thinks is a mermaid in captivity. Her elder brother, who’s a reporter with a newspaper, disputes her belief and travels to a small town in Mississippi only to be surprised by a mermaid. He sees the mermaid swimming in a circus tank and gets attracted towards her beauty.

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The young girl and her brother want to save the mermaid from the captivity but the mermaid is in the captivity of a black magician. Finally, the reporter is seen fighting with the magician to save the mermaid. Would he be able to save the beautiful mermaid?

Initial release: 17 August 2018 (USA)
Directors: Blake Harris, Chris Bouchard
Production company: Netflix
Music composed by: Jeremy Rubolino
Producers: Armando Gutierrez, Robert Molloy

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