The Nun Movie Review

The Nun: Is it Conjuring 2 again?

The Nun is the fifth installment of Conjuring Series of gothic supernatural horror movies. But it is promoted as a spin-off of the 2016 movie The Conjuring 2.

Story of The Nun

A cloistered abbey in Romania witnesses a suicide by a young nun but there is a mystery surrounding this suicide.The Vatican decides to clear the mystery surrounding the untimely death of a nun and sends Father Burke, a Catholic priest, and a novice, Sister Irene, to investigate the matter. And what comes is a horrific tale of an unholy secret of the order. Both the father and the nun risk their lives but more than the life they risk their faith in investigating the mystery surrounding the suicide.

They brave the malevolent force that appears in the form of a demonic nun in the abbey. They want to run but their orders and their faith gives them the power to face the demon and uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of the nun.

Highlights of the movie

• The nun has appeared in other parts of the Conjuring series
• The Conjuring 2 gives the lead to the demonic nun
• The unholy secret about the order is a new thing for the audience
• The story is related to the Conjuring 2
• The story is said to have its roots in history

The Nun First Look & Poster

The poster shows the young nun converting from a benevolent person to a malevolent force. Her white dress is turning black to show the transformation. Also, the name is written in such a manner that it resembles the transformation shown in the picture.

Why watch the movie?

The Nun is a spin-off of the hit movie Conjuring 2. Those who enjoyed the Conjuring 2 would certainly like The Nun. Another reason for watching the movie is to see uncovering of the unholy secret of the order.


• The movie was shot in Romania
• The Nun is the second character after Annabelle to get its own film
• It … Read more