The Predator Movie Review

The Predator: No efforts are made to make it better

The Predator is the fourth installment of the Predator series but this film fails to impress the critics in its early review. When compared to its prequels, it looks much lighter in horror, action and solution. The critics are writing that movie lacks the force its prequels had and that audiences expecting the thrill of earlier Predator movies would be disappointed.

The Predator Story 

An alien force makes an emergency landing on earth and runs havoc on the residents. American security agencies are busy tracking the dreading Mexican drug lords when a plane crash-lands and a much bigger force than the drug lords come out from the plane. These are aliens but they are smarter and deadlier than their predecessors. They are the most lethal hunters of the universe.

Where does story fail to impress? 

It isn’t the first time that the audiences are seeing encounters of the earth with aliens but the way the story is handled makes it more comic than horrific. The aliens kill everyone but leave a sniper to alert the American super force to get ready for the battle with them. Also, the government easily finds a biologist that can find a solution to this problem. The things are arranged and the battle is won with much ease and comfort.

The Predator First Look & Poster 

The poster has the picture of an alien and this monster doesn’t have the lethal weapon as it uses its DNA and genes as firearms. The poster doesn’t reveal much about the movie of the protagonists. Name of the movie is given in bottom with a message to the audience.

Why watch the movie? 

The fourth installment of the Predator series is worth watching for its speed and photography. The story has the speed that will keep the audiences glued to their seats till climax.

Movie Trailer


  • Shane Black, the director and writer of the movie, played Hawkins in the first movie
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was offered the role of Dutch
  • Runtime of all the Predator movies except
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