Venom Movie

Venom: Tom Hardy Plays A Powerful Dual Role To Look Like A Real Venom

Venom is another Spidey movie based on a Marvel Comics character. The movie introduces a symbiote looking for a host that it curses with superpowers. It must find a human host to survive and his first host is an investigative journalist.


Eddie Brock is an ex-reported of a leading news publication. He’s looking for a big assignment to make a comeback to investigative journalism and his quest for a story takes him to Life Foundation where Carlton Drake is experimenting on the symbiotes. Carlton Drake believes that human race is almost done and he is doing the best he can to save the human. But his experiments prove detrimental to the human civilization.

Eddie Brock becomes the first victim of Venom and Carlton Drake becomes the second victim of another symboite called Riot. Both the … Read more