Venom Movie

Venom: Tom Hardy Plays A Powerful Dual Role To Look Like A Real Venom

Venom is another Spidey movie based on a Marvel Comics character. The movie introduces a symbiote looking for a host that it curses with superpowers. It must find a human host to survive and his first host is an investigative journalist.


Eddie Brock is an ex-reported of a leading news publication. He’s looking for a big assignment to make a comeback to investigative journalism and his quest for a story takes him to Life Foundation where Carlton Drake is experimenting on the symbiotes. Carlton Drake believes that human race is almost done and he is doing the best he can to save the human. But his experiments prove detrimental to the human civilization.

Eddie Brock becomes the first victim of Venom and Carlton Drake becomes the second victim of another symboite called Riot. Both the heroes have now become superheroes and are struggling to cope with their new found identity.

Highlights of the movie:

• Symbiote is a new spider villain that takes human host
• The hero becomes Venom and is seen struggling to control the symbiote
• The symbiote talks to its host and directs him to use its powers
• Hardy’s interplay with himself or as Venom

Venom First Look & Poster

Venom has cast its dark shadow over the city. The Venom with its snaking tongue and long sharpened teeth occupies the entire upper space of the poster. In the bottom, there is Tom Hardy flanked by Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed.

Why watch the movie?

It is more like a science fiction movie that will attract kids and families. Also, the Marvel Comics lover would like the movie.


• Tom Hardy became Venom to please his son who’s a big fan of Marvel Comics
• Venom is the coolest Marvel Comics hero according to Tom Hardy
• Tom Hardy recorded his Venom lines prior to production
• The movie has a very difficult production history

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